Somali Canadian Facts:
According to Ottawa Social Planning Council: 63.5% of the community is 24 and under, including 43.5% aged 14 and under.  Somalia has only one language, Somali.

Tuesday 23 Jan 2018
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Well & Wise
In Ottawa like any other city in Canada , the elderly population is growing faster than all other age groups. Minority Elders are facing double discrimination when trying to access services.

They are lucking of knowledge about the availability of services, scarcity of interpretation services and translated material is another barrier, not to mention insufficient of official language skills, restrictions on movement outside home, poor health, luck of physical activities, poor housing, and most importantly luck of spaces, effective programs and services.

Therefore, the aim of this project is to fight isolation that individuals from Somali Elders are falling into, it will reach the most impossible to reach elders, it will give culturally sensitive spaces, and offer the care, services and the support that they elderly population requires.

Furthermore it will encourage local government to be more aware of those group's needs and to take more notice of the services organizations like ours is doing for our elderly population.



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