Somali Canadian Facts:
The first Somali immigrants were students who arrived and settled in Montreal and Toronto in the early 70s. Established Somali-Canadian Communities are found in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver, and newer ones have formed in Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Fort McMurray, and Grand berry
Saturday 18 Nov 2017
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Tsunami Fundraising
It is a devastating reality that in 2004 Boxing Day Eastern Somalia also referred to “Puntland State” was struck by a tsunami. CFS wanted to make a difference by providing humanitarian aid to alleviate human suffering.

CFS prepared a fundraising in order to provide individuals who were affected by the tsunami with basic needs such shelter, food, and reconstruction of homes. Also to provide support so that survivors can regain economic stability. The aim of

CFS is to mobilize the power of humanity in Somalia and around the world. CFS partnered with Oxfam Canada to raise approximately over $6000. Oxfam Canada delivered the funds to Eastern Somalia so that Somalians could have a better quality of life after the tsunami.



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