Somali Canadian Facts:
Different provinces have different dialects but they can all understand each other (Arabic is widely used because of the Islamic religion. English, French and Italian are also used) Almost 100 per cent of the Somalis are Sunni Muslim.
Saturday 18 Nov 2017
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Drought Fundraising
Drought can have serious health, social, economic, and international impacts which make the conditions within the nation unbearable. Consequently, it can destroy food sources and sometimes famine can occur.

With drought striking Southern and Central Somalia in early 2006 CFS wanted to make a difference and provide humanitarian aid. In collaboration with Oxfam Canada and Somalia Graduate Network CFS was able to raise $6,000.

Also Oxfam not only added donations to the money raised but delivered it those who were overwhelmed with the effects of the drought. CFS believes in making a positive change in the world through humanitarian aid and strengthening the country with prosperity.



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