Other Programs & Services

Senior Program

It is without a doubt that elders from minority ethnic communities are lacking knowledge about the availability of services, scarcity of interpretation services, insufficient official language skills, poor health, and lack of physical activities. Also poor housing and most importantly lack of meeting spaces and effective programs and services. These barriers are the aim for CFS to fight isolation that individuals from Somali Elders are facing within the community. It will provide culturally sensitive spaces and offer care and services and the support that these elders require. It will encourage local government to be more aware of the needs of these groups and take more notice of the CFS plan to make a difference for the elderly within the ethnic minority communities.


Counselling and Support

Counseling and Support Services Program provides short-term counseling to families and children, couples, and individuals. We assist families, couples, and individuals in discovering their strengths, making the life changes they desire, improving relationships, and developing their problem-solving and communication skills.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is abuse between married or common-law partners. The abuse can be verbal, emotional, sexual, or physical. It can also be a combination of a number of these forms, therefore CFS believes that domestic abuse can happen in any family regardless of their race, ethnic or religious affiliation, thus CFS has put in place this vital program in order to fight against domestic abuse and to help those who experience it, especially children and women.


Family Services

CFS is providing crucial social services to children, youth, adults, and families. We offer support, provide hope, and present opportunities—helping people realize and create possibilities for themselves. All of our work is about building healthy, vibrant tomorrows.

Cross-Cultural Training

We offer cross-cultural training to police officers, health workers, social workers, and other service providers, this training will enable these workers to serve multicultural communities better and it will equip them the right knowledge about our growing diverse communities.


Youth Services

Our Youth Services supports children and youth through difficulties at school, at home, among their friends, or in the community. Our professional, caring staff offer a full range of innovate programs and services, including: * Counseling * Court Assistance * School Support * Diversion Program * Detention Support * Substance Abuse Program * Sports and Recreation * Employment * Health Awareness Program * Crime Prevention * Gang Prevention and Intervention

Youth Justice

The Youth Justice Programs at CFS offers support to young people primarily between 12-18 years of age who are involved in different stages of the youth justice system. Our clients are moderate to high-risk youth facing a range of complex challenges.

Whether the youth have just been charged, are seeking bail, serving an open custody sentence or are on probation, our programs offer them guidance, counseling and comprehensive support to help them make better choices.

CFS works in partnership with the community and youth service agencies to deliver quality programs to assist youth to make positive changes in their lives and at the same time to take responsibility for their actions. These programs provide advocacy and support to youth and youth at risk, and assessment and referral services for youth and families.


Employment Services

The rate of Poverty and unemployment level among minority youth (including Somali youths) are on the rise, some believe that these two issues are root causes of the youth crimes in Canada, thus CSF is doing its share of tackling these issues by providing variety of services including: * Job Preparation sessions * Resume and cover letter writing techniques * Provide two computers for job search use * Provide telephone for job search * Group email system that informs our youth clients about current job openings