Somali Canadian Facts:
It is estimated that there are around 140,000 Somalis living in Toronto, followed by Ottawa (20,000), and Edmonton (18.000).

Tuesday 23 Jan 2018
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Somali Delegation’s Visit to Canada PDF Print E-mail
Written by Admin   
Sunday, 25 April 2010 19:00
On July 10-20,2007 Somali Minister of Tourism and Wildlife, Hon. Ali M. Hareed, Somali Ambassador to Kenya, His Excellence Mohamed Ali (America), Somali Ambassador to India, Her Excellence Ebyan Salah, Somali Ambassador to South Korea, Her Excellence Hareedo Mohamed stayed on Working visit to Canada, during which they met high-ranking officials from Canadian Foreign Affairs and Canadian International Development Agency.

A meeting with Canadian high-ranking officials from Foreign Affairs and CIDA The delegations and the Canadian officials discussed bilateral relations and exchanged ideas on how to best approach the many challenges facing the East African nation. The meetings addressed many issues of global concern to both nations including global security, good governance, reconstruction and how Canada can lend a hand in the current humanitarian and development challenges facing Somalia. Mutual readiness for continued buildup of engagement in the fields of international security and the combating of terrorism, and other threats and challenges was reiterated.

Also further steps to expand the Somali-Canadian relations and strengthen the two countries' engagement in international affairs were outlined. A meeting with the E-Director of Oxfam Canada Mr. Fox, Robert While the delegations were in Canada they met with the local Diaspora community. They updated the community about the current social, political, security and
humanitarian challenges facing Somalia. They encouraged the Diaspora community to be good ambassadors for their country and rally behind the current reconciliation congress.

They further encouraged the community to fully participate in the Canadian social and political activities in order to be a productive and loyal citizen of this land. Meeting with Yemen Ambassador His Excellence Dr. Abdalla Al-Nasher The delegations were thankful to all those organizations and individuals who welcomed them and facilitated their visit. They are particularly grateful to officials from Canadian Friends of Somalia, an Ottawa based non-profit Organization, who welcomed the delegations and facilitated their meetings with other officials while in Ottawa.

Meeting with Ethiopian Ambassador His Excellence Hammusa They are also grateful to all other organizations and individuals from Toronto who put together a fantastic and unforgettable party on a sailing boat. They are particularly thankful to Former First Lady Nuurto Haji, Mohamed Hilowle, Ing. Osman Dheere, Batuulo Sh.Ahmed, Nasro William, Khadro A.Jaqaf, Hodan H.Dhiiqo, Sadiyo Suuhaye, Khadra Adawe, Hodan A. Jama, Dhabaryare, Mohamed
Ahmed, Muse Kulow and many others who have shown a great respect and warm



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