Somali Canadian Facts:
According to Ottawa Social Planning Council: 63.5% of the community is 24 and under, including 43.5% aged 14 and under.  Somalia has only one language, Somali.

Tuesday 23 Jan 2018
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    Canadian Friends of Somalia welcomes the appointment of Prime Minister Omar A. A.Sharmarke as Prime Minister of the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia and expresses the hope that the new unity government will continue and reinvigorate the recon...
  • Drought Fundraising:

    Drought can have serious health, social, economic, and international impacts which make the conditions within the nation unbearable. Consequently, it can destroy food sources and sometimes famine can occur. ...
  • Tsunami Fundraising

    It is a devastating reality that in 2004 Boxing Day Eastern Somalia also referred to “Puntland State” was struck by a tsunami. CFS wanted to make a difference by providing humanitarian aid to alleviate human suffering. ...
  • First Official Somali Awareness Night at Parliament Hill

    On December 6, 2004 Canadian Friends of Somalia invited distinguished guest such as ambassadors from Sweden, Italy, China, and the United States and other nations, elected officials from the Parliament. Somali community members from Ottawa and Toronto,...
  • Second Somali Awareness Night at Parliament Hill

    On December 11th, 2006 CFS prepared another conference in order to refocus the distinguished guests, and the general public about the nation of Somalia. CFS wanted to address the challenges the Somalis face within their nation. ...
  • Somali Minister of Diaspora Affaires official visit to Ottawa, Canada

    Somali Minister of Diaspora Affaires, Hon Abdullahi Ahmed Abdulle Azhari and Somali Ambassador to Kenya, H.E. Mohamed Ali Nur Americo, concluded two days official visit to Ottawa, Canada on Wednesday April 01, 2009. ...
  • Tsunami’s Forgotten Victims

    On Saturday January the 8th, the Canadian Friends of Somalia, a non-profit organization basedin Ottawa, hosted a fundraising dinner for the Somali victims of the tsunami in Jim Durrrel arena. ...
  • Somali Delegation’s Visit to Canada

    On July 10-20,2007 Somali Minister of Tourism and Wildlife, Hon. Ali M. Hareed, Somali Ambassador to Kenya, His Excellence Mohamed Ali (America), Somali Ambassador to India, Her Excellence Ebyan Salah, Somali Ambassador to South Korea, Her Excellence H...

    Police chief, social workers say communities must take threat seriously By Amira Elghawaby, The Ottawa CitizenApril 17, 2010 The city’s visible-minority youths are being targeted by gangs, warns Ottawa’s police chief, and social workers fear thing...



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