Somali Canadian Facts:
The first Somali immigrants were students who arrived and settled in Montreal and Toronto in the early 70s. Established Somali-Canadian Communities are found in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver, and newer ones have formed in Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Fort McMurray, and Grand berry
Tuesday 23 Jan 2018
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Canadian Friends of Somalia
Welcome to Canadian Friends of Somalia
Canadian Friends of Somalia is a federally registered non-governmental organization that focuses on making a difference for ethnic minority communities. It develops, coordinates and delivers effective social, community, health, settlement and integration services.

This organization is also dedicated in fostering a greater understanding of the social, human and economical issues facing Somalia and the Somali Canadians, through effective programming, fund raising, media campaigns and other innovative community projects.

Canadian Friends of Somalia promotes and encourages a mutual understanding and friendly relations between the nations of Canada and Somalia. It addresses issues such as poverty, education, youth unemployment; social sustainability and the role of women are of great importance to Canadians and Somalis alike.

Canadians are able to gain a profound understanding of the aforementioned issues facing the Somalis through events and programs sponsored by Canadian Friends of Somalia.

Outreach and Other Activities:

CFS members attempt to maintain a presence at other community events and encourage participation in the Organization and promote awareness and understanding of the Somali experience.

Co-operation with other organizations results in joint events and projects...Since the CFS believes in building partnership & friendship through understanding and co-operation, the Organization works with other groups/organizations in Ontario and across Canada and also in Somalia, on various projects and provides information on Somalia and responds to the media. Special projects are also organized to promote various forms of material aid



Latest CFS Events

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Latest Community News & Events

Community News and Events

Check this page for information on items of interest to the Community and upcoming events.  If you ave an event or news you'd like in on our calendar Please  Click Here to submit.





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